Extra Wide Calf Boots

If you have bought a cute denim skirt recently and are on the hunt for a perfect pair of boots to increase your style quotient, then you must choose one among Extra Wide Calf Boots. Your footwear closet is never complete without a pair of these fashionable boots sitting there basking in glory. These boots are advisable if you have wider or curvy calf region. They are designed to offer the perfect fit for all body types and great comfortability while walking on it. However, the one thing that would prevent you from buying one would be the sky-high prices that are on the upsurge in the recent times. However, with a bit of effort from your side, you can choose the ones that are much cheaper but are higher in quality and lasts longer.

How to choose the best boots with wide calf?

Before you proceed to purchase extra wide calf boots at cheaper rates, it is essential for you to know the ways you must choose the one that best fits your requirements. It is essential for you to follow certain things to make sure that you get the perfect pair of boots:

Extra Wide Calf BootsTake the right measurement of your calf muscles: With the help of a measuring tape, measures the circumference of your calf. Make sure you measure the widest part of your calf to get the measurement right. This would be helpful when you wish to make a purchase online effectively.

Find the right store: Not all stores store Extra Wide Calf Boots, as only some people might need them. Therefore, it is essential to zero in on the perfect store to make your purchase. Some stores will alter the size of the boots when you request the store based on your measurements. Some store will even allow you to make an order, which would be delivered within a few days at cheap prices. If you are lucky, some plus sized clothing stores would also have these extra wide calf boots in their accessory section.

Be material wise: When you are on the look out for boots with wide calved fit, you have to choose those materials that are flexible and soft. This will be highly useful while you are trying these boots on as the material will stretch and allow your feet to slide easily. If you prefer leather ones, then go for the ones with paneled designs, as it will not be very tight on your calves. Suede is also a best material as it is highly durable and can withstand any amount of stretch.

Where to find cheap extra wide calf boots?

When you are buying these boots with wider calf, you will have to options before you – the local shops and online shops. As a buyer, it is up to you to analyze these sources to find the one that best fits your needs.

Local shops:

With a tight budget at hand, it is tough for you to find extra wide calf boots for lower rates. This challenging task is much easier if you consider few options and proceed in the right direction. You will find many local stores near your locality. Identify the stores that have a stock of these boots by doing a window-shopping. Then you can wait for a while until the shops offer discounts for its annual sales, closeout sales, end of season sale and other festive discounts. Usually these discounts will be offered at a particular season like Christmas. You can schedule your purchase during this season each year to get different boots for your wardrobe. Another advantage is that you can try each one and choose the ones that fit you the most.

Online shops:

This is the most convenient option as you can make any amount of purchase at just a click of a mouse. Choose the websites based on the reputation among online buyers to make sure that the service and after sales service is good. Just measure your calf size and foot size to make sure you are purchasing the right size. Unlike local stores, you need not wait for seasonal sale, as discounts are regular here. You can also try some discount coupons or coupon codes to buy at much cheaper rates.


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